Construction services and related service overview:

A broad-based civil engineering and construction company, Mutoni provides a comprehensive range of construction services and related services. These are briefly shown below.


BRASIMBA BREWING PLANTCivil works encompass a large field and as a multi-disciplined construction company, Mutoni Construction has many years of experience in the successful execution of earthwork and concrete works.  From upgrading parking lots to a concrete pavement, to the construction of various multi-storey office blocks, warehouses, factories, to the erection of portal structure’s and the state of the art workshops, to name but a few.


Earthworks & plant hireMutoni provides earthworks services and related plant hire, whether in preparation for our own construction projects or as a single service provision to clients.  Clients have included well known breweries in Uganda and the Eastern DRC, where we moved 150,000m3 of earth, including diplomatic missions.


Land SurveyingMutoni has its own team of qualified surveyors who are fully equipped with total stations, dumpy levels and theodolites.
We have undertaken projects ranging from residential buildings to large scale farms and road surveys.


100_8978Mutoni offers the full range of construction services for real estate development, from earthworks and design to construction, whether it be for commercial or residential purposes.


construction services includeTelcom and fibre optic instalationsMutoni Construction launched in Uganda as a response to the huge demand created by the boom in mobile telecommunication services.  Mutoni builds telecom sites from foundation to transmission installation and managed services. By increasingly facilitating network coverage to rural areas, Mutoni has played a big part in vastly improving the country’s technological infrastructure.


Mutoni possesses a strong and highly qualified workforce who is experienced in all facets of the industry from:

  • Pre-sales system design
  • Long haul fibre projects to Metro hauls
  • RF and transmission works
  • Asset Management
  • Active and passive network maintenance specialists
  • Turnkey solutions
  • FTTO, FTTH and GPON specialists
  • Surveys and drawings
  • Subterranean to aerial works
  • Site audits
  • Site builds and decommissioning
  • Network design and implementation
  • Project management
  • Infrastructure solutions
  • Recommissions of mobile base stations


Electrical installationsMutoni provides electrical installations and the maintenance of overhead low-voltage and high – voltage power lines.  Due to the increasing demand for renewable energy, Mutoni has invested heavily in this sector and offers a full turnkey service.  Electrical works are predominantly for the private sector.


DSC00191From budgeting and planning to implementation, we have found that this is an area where many construction companies lack the necessary expertise. Mutoni works closely with local companies,
providing project management support and advice, thus building and strengthening capacity within a crucial area of the construction business.


Design & DraftingMutoni produces layout designs and as-built diagrams for clients for a variety of construction projects, from floor-design drafting to road construction.