About Us

Mutoni Construction was founded in 2007 to meet a growing demand for telecommunications turnkey services. Responding to rapid changes in the Ugandan construction and building industry, Mutoni Construction has developed into a full-service construction company, establishing itself as a leader in the civil works sector.

Mutoni Construction operates all over East Africa, and has recently opened a branch office in Kigali, Rwanda.

Mutoni Construction Directors

Iain Dunbar - Director
Clinton Rawlinson - Director


We believe that our employees provide the most value to the company. Mutoni Construction operates on the team concept and our many skilled and experienced staff and field team members have established a standard of excellence that is well recognised in the construction industry.

Our office staff include highly trained and experienced business, engineering and technical experts who provide oversight and support for each project.  This team concept is the basis for our hands-on, pro-active approach which helps us to produce the most important results of every job to our client’s satisfaction.

Mutoni Construction Resources

At Mutoni Construction, we have our own specialised equipment to carry out Metro and Long Haul fibre projects. Mutoni is the only company in East Africa that owns its own specialised fibre blowing machines for both these types of projects. All other equipment associated with site construction; civil builds, testing and implementation is solely owned by Mutoni Construction.  Should the need arise we are well positioned in the market to bring additional equipment into Uganda.